Thousands of tiny white flowers suspended like a mist on thin stems make baby’s breath an attractive choice for floral arrangements
Perfect for your wedding day, craft projects or just make your own beautiful display. Increase more color and vitality to your life ,make you have a good mood every day

1 Simulation spend a long time after the display, if the product is dust, hair dryer available, the dust falls when the cold air cleaning leaves and flower heads above
2 If a long time without care due to dust or more floral material is serious pollution, can use the high concentration of salt water
Soak for 10 minutes, add detergent, and then washed with water, can be restored as a new clean.
3 Serious (such as leaves, flower was crushed) can use a hair dryer to open air leaves, flower, re shaping, the effect is very good

1.The transport process may appear, flower leaf abscission and other common phenomenon,The flower, leaves can be inserted.It can also be used hot melt adhesive fixed
2.Transport in the process of easy extrusion deformation, after a little finishing can be restored
3.There may be plastic smell the first time you open the package,it will dissipate soon.
4.Easy to clean,just with a rag to wipe.
5.Live forever ,no fragile no need maintain like a real flower.
6.Don’t put artificial plants expose under the sun for a long time, or they will lose their bright colors and became increasingly bleak
7.Don’t long time keeping the artificial plants in the water, especially hot water, or flowers will fade

1.Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.
2.Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightlydifferent on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same
YSBER is committed to provide each customer best service. if any questions ,Please don’t hesitate to contact us.1.Material : PU + Plastic Flower.Reasonable in price and Excellent in quality.
2.Size : A flower length about 50cm & Flower head diameter of 1cm & A total of 3 fork& Each fork of about 27 small flowers. NOTE:The flowers in effect picture 1 shown on the page is 20 pcs flowers. Please choose quantity for flower arrangement as you need.
3.Single Weight ? 20 Grams
4.Package : 1* 10 PCS Gypsophila Baby’S Breath Artificial (Vase and other accessaries are not included.)
5.Placement ?The language of baby breath is everlasting love;Gypsophila Artificial Flower looks quite realistic, no colour difference appears.Fits for Bridal Bouquet,Wedding Parties,Home Decorations,Bookstore,Cafe Store,Cloth Shop Party,Art hall,Office, Shop, Home, Garden and all kinds of occasion’s decoration