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Shake Up Your Diet

Protein Meal Replacement Shakes from Cute Nutrition are designed to provide the nutritional support you need to help achieve your weight loss goals. High in protein and fortified with vitamins and minerals, they keep you feeling full, and fuelled, for longer.

Never Miss A Meal Again

Cute Nutrition’s Protein Meal Replacement Shakes are delicious, convenient and filling. Just mix with water or milk, shake and drink!

They’re a quick and easy way to fight cravings, prevent poor food choices and boost energy. Available in 3 tasty flavors, they can be used as a meal replacer or as a healthy snack.

Whether you tend to skip breakfast, or snack late at night, our yummy shakes will satisfy your hunger and your sweet tooth and save you calories in the process.



Cute Nutrition has been developed to help you become healthier, happier and stronger. Our high-quality nutrition products are specially formulated for females in the know.

Become part of the Cute lifestyle revolution today and click add to cart now! And when you do, consider getting one for your best friend too!

CONTROL CRAVINGS: A great tasting, low-calorie shake that satisfies your sweet tooth and curbs your appetite. Consider our guilt-free shakes your secret weapon against bad eating habits to help you achieve your weight loss goals
TURN AN UNHEALTHY MEAL INTO A HEALTHY ONE: Replace your regular high calorie meal with a lighter, nutritionally balanced alternative. Packs the perfect punch of protein and nutrients to combat hunger and keep you full until your next meal
DELICIOUS AND NUTRITIOUS: Our yummy nutrient-dense drinks are expertly designed for women to keep you healthy and energized. The blend of whey protein with essential vitamins and minerals supports a healthy metabolism, promotes fat loss and improves wellbeing
A SILKY SMOOTH TASTE YOU’LL LOVE: Choose from vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Powder mixes easily with water, skimmed or unsweetened nut based milks into a thick, rich, texture. They’re not gritty or grainy unlike others. GMO-free, low in fat and sugar, what’s not to love?
BONUS ‘4 WEEK FAT BUSTER’ WORKOUT PLAN: When used in conjunction with taking our high quality dietary supplements, this training plan program, created especially for women, will help to fire up your fat loss and transform your body