To start this story off I have to say I really, REALLY hate to be writing about the leftist darling she-man now called Caitlyn Jenner again. I was hoping that last round of media madness was the end of it. But this news is relevant because the LGBT superstar may have lied about a fatal accident he/she/shim was involved in and may be now looking at serious criminal charges involving the death of a California woman.

The two vehicles involved in the fatal crash were the Escalade owned by Jenner and a Lexus owned by 59 year old Kim Howe. Jenner slammed in to the back of Howes car on a highway in or near Malibu, California. Jenner claimed no speeding was involved and he/she was not at fault.

That said, new footage just released appears to tell a much different story. In fact, the footage appears to show there was absolutely no safe distance between the two vehicles and Jenner slammed into the back of the Lexus without any time to brake.

Howe was killed as a result of the accident and until now, now criminal charges have been filed due to lack of evidence. That all may change now that the footage is available.

Watch the footage below and tell us what you think.