Have a green thumb, not a dirty finger! Sustee shows you it’s time for watering when the color changes.
Grow healthy plants in your home to help purify indoor air. The slim profile of Sustee complements the appearance of your plants and because you leave it in place, it does not disturb growing roots.

Easy to use:
• Place upright in soil between edge of pot and plant stem, just covering the depth mark on the Sustee
• Water your plant and give it time to absorb moisture and siphon up to the display window
• Color changes to blue, when the plant is watered
• Leave Sustee in the soil – when the color returns to white, it is time for watering

• Tested by professional orchid growers
• Use in potting soil that retains water and provides good contact with Sustee. Moisture detection is less accurate with sandy, loose, rapidly draining soil
• Use the large size Sustee for pots larger than 7 inches in diameter
• Use the medium size Sustee for pots 4.7 to 7 inches in diameter and at least 3 inches deep
• When bottom of device becomes corroded or disintegrates it needs to be replaced
• Recommend replacing your Sustee after one year of use, depending on soil conditions
• Keep away from small children to avoid accidents

• No batteries needed
• Polycarbonate (body), preservative-treated non-woven fabric (absorbent filler)
• Length: 10 inches
• Humidity range: 20% to 80%
• Temperature limit: 41°F – 104°F

Award-winning Product Design – Recognized internationally for excellence in quality and design.
• Reddot Design Award 2014 – Germany
• Design for Asia Award 2014 – Hongkong
• JIDA Design Museum Selection vol.16 – Japan
• Good Design Award 2015 – Japan

Get one for each of your potted plants! Great gift to accompany a houseplant!Senses water at root level, no dirty fingers & damaged roots trying to gauge moist soil by feel
Leave the device in the pot to continuously monitor soil humidity and show you when to water
Prevent withering & root rot, so your healthy houseplants can clean indoor air to keep you healthy!
Award-winning product design – No batteries – Environmentally friendly – Creates little waste
Sustee size L is best for pots over 7 inches in diameter. See Product Description for more info