This is a brand new idea for home decor,great choice for any areas in your home.
Made by environmental protection material for those plants and crafted with a simple outside,creating a vivid nature garden effect.
It is airy and refreshing style in today’s contemporary decors.
With free-flowing color and richly layered design,like a garden on wall.Start to decorate your home now!
Every pieces is 100% handcrafted,so it might be slight different from the pics.
With hooks backward and double faced adhesive tape attached,you can optional choose either way to hang up

Size:6 inches by 6 inches
Status:Handcrafted/Framed/Ready to hang
Inspiration Source:Bella
Suitable:Living room/Hallway/Bedroom/Foyer
Care:Gently wipe with a damp soft cloth;Air dry

Provided by Seol Art.All products in factory have to undergo a rigorous safety monitoring,we contribute to best quality product.
If the product is damaged when you receive the goods,do not hesitate to contact us by message.
Plz also contact us if you want further information about the product.We will reply you within 24 hoursA mini garden on wall,to get closer to nature.For display in anyroom in your home,a fantastic home decoration
3D simulation plastic plants/A vivid and well-proportioned wall art
100% handcrafted,Made by environmental protection material and high quality frame
Measures 6 inches by 15 inches
With hooks backward and double-sided adhesive tap attached/Optional choose either way to hang