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anti-tip anchor anchoring kit furniture strap baby safety secure wall bracket bumper bookcase bookshelf dresser earthquake tether tv television stand straps anchors tip anti child proof mount proofing metal brackets black door fasteners attach mounting bolt black lock antitip brace kid fasten quakehold securement tethers childproof table cable cabinet hooks covers shelving securing chest belt fastenerACCIDENTS WILL & DO HAPPEN; Dangers in the home are everywhere for a small child. but we all think accidents will never happen to our toddlers; It is proven, and there are lots of example, that tipping tv’s and furniture can cause serious injury with occasional fatal consequences
STRAPS ARE COMPATIBLE, ADJUSTABLE & REUSEABLE; If you are needing to move the furniture around, no problem; These straps can be reused again and again
COMPLETE HARDWARE KIT INCLUDED; Our 8 pack includes all hardware [use as 8 furniture straps or 6 furniture & 2 TV straps] including wall plugs, for securing your items
STRONG ANCHORING & EARTHQUAKE HOLD; Our straps, when loaded with weight, will not crack or break; Made from ABS material, they are many times stronger than plastic versions; If you are in an earth quake zone, these straps will not let you down
WE BELIEVE in making everyday life easy and fun, and that in helping you to do this in your own household we are creating happier mums and happier families; We are real people who use our own products every day; We expect the best for our family and want the same for yours; That is the reason we provide a LIFETIME MONEY BACK WARRANTY