This balm is like nothing you have ever seen or tried! This incredibly simple formula was developed by master Lipstick Maker Jay Adam Harper. It is designed purposefully to be nourishing to your skin, and is loaded up with natural ingredients that improve skin health. His all natural Vitamin E is a super anti-oxidant that zaps free radicals in your lip skin and allows your lips to heal themselves!! This is something NO OTHER balm does in the world! Not only that, Jay’s Rallye Balm has been hailed as a miracle balm! His balm is perfect for use on your cuticles, elbows, heels of your feet, under your eyes, all over your face in cold weather, and has even been used to help cuts heal faster! Free from all harmful ingredients like lead, gluten, soy, dairy, heavy metals, petroleum, chemical preservatives, and the typical suspected cancer causing compounds, why in the world would you not want to try this amazing, one of a kind product?? Not only that, but this product is covered by an iron clad 100% money back guarantee, so you risk nothing by buying it. What you risk by NOT buying it is dry skin, balms that make your problem WORSE, heavy metals getting directly into your system, and the possibility of exposure to some terrible, cancer inducing ingredients. Well what are you waiting for? Click add to cart and have this amazing balm shipped straight to your door right now! The package will even include a free sample of other amazing Red Apple products! OH, and P.S. This product is made right here in the USA.Moisturizes like no balm you have ever used!! This incredibly high quality, botanical and natural Vitamin E is suspended in a high quality, cold pressed castor seed oil, making it a double whammy for any dry, chapped lips! Thousands of customers have reported on the internet that Rallye Balm has ended dry lips for ever, and without harsh chemicals known to harm the body and aid in deadly early onset breast cancer development.
Lab Tested, and Certified Gluten Free
Paraben Free, Lead Free, Petroleum Free, Odorless
SPF-8 – Rallye BalmTM shields lips from harmful UV Rays.
Moisture – Rallye BalmTM is a super moisturizing Lip Balm. This one of a kind formula provides lips all day moisture.