President Donald Trump on Thursday agreed not to release the full tranche of records relating to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, acquiescing to last-minute requests from national security agencies that some of those records remain secret.

The US government released over 2,800 records Thursday night in an effort to comply with a 1992 law mandating the documents’ release, but kept roughly 300 files classified out of concern for US national security, law enforcement and foreign relations. In a memo, Trump directed agencies that requested redactions to re-review their reasons for keeping the records secret within 180 days.
President John F. KennedyPresident Donald Trump
Still, Trump’s decision to keep some documents secret is likely to keep conspiracy theories alive, fueling those who have long questioned official conclusions about the assassination and argued that the government has helped cover up the truth.
An initial review of some of the previously classified documents shed some light on the circumstances surrounding the Kennedy assassination.