New product promotion: $20 off on our alrady low price. For a limited time only. Buy it now or they will be all gone so fast! Simply white and elegant, slim tree shape, can perfectly brighten up the whole room whichever it’s in. Seems not long ago we noticed the style of Christmas trees are trending to white trees, and this Simple pure white pencil Christmas tree had become one of the pop stars, it’s ready to make its home in your home, and spread its Christmas cheer. Eco-friendly Material, Energy-efficient UL approved LED clear lights sparkle like ice on the branches, 8 patterns/settings, creating a luxurious look and reflect the colors of your ornaments for a joyful effect. The perfect pencil shape is designed for a smaller space or corners. Decorate it with your most colorful ornaments where they can immediately be seen and enjoyed, or can be a lovely fit in a modern home without any ornaments.6ft, 588 tips, pre-lit with 200 LED lights, bottom width 32” diameter. A pencil Christmas tree.$20 Off on New Product promotion.
Pure white color, simple pencil shape Christmas tree, perfect for small place and corners, goes well with every color of ornaments, or beautiful as it is even without decoration.(not suitable for heavy, nor glass ornaments)
Hinged construction for easy setup, metal sturdy stand is included which can be easily folded up for storage after the Christmas season.
Energy-efficient, low Watt Worry-FreeTM LED light, bright & clear. The life time of LED is at least 3 times longer than normal lights
8 setting/patterns of the light switch with one button: 1.Combination 2.In wave 3.Sequential 4.SLO-GLO 5.Sparkling/Chasing 6.Fade in/out 7.twinkling 8.Steady Burn (Only offered by Holiday Stuff)