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PlantFusion Lean Protein is a clinically tested plant-based weight loss shake designed to be a simple, delicious drink to help you achieve your health goals. Each serving includes 21g of proprietary protein to curb hunger and 20 different superfoods to sustain energy to support your busy lifestyle.Includes 1 (14.8oz Tub) PlantFusion Lean Weight Loss Chocolate Brownie Protein Powder, Non-GMO
Formulated with Ecolean – the only clinically-tested plant-based weight loss shake designed to curb hunger and sustain energy
Nutrient-dense formula includes 21 grams of plant-based protein, amino acids and only 170 calories per serving
Designed to replenish and energize with 20 superfoods and blood sugar support to fuel us through our busy lives
Free of all major allergens, no dairy, soy, rice, gluten, eggs, nuts, fish, tree nuts or shellfish