We are constantly working on creating new tapestry designs choosing ancient geometric patterns. Our wall hangings are made from superior cotton and printed using skin friendly pigment colours. Mandalas were traditionally used as an instrument to meditate. These Intricate patterns are actually visions seen by ancients in highly spiritual and meditative states. Geometric patterns reveal secrets of life and cosmos. It brings peace and harmony and helps in raising vibrations. Wall hanging, Tapestry, bedding, bed cover, duvet, throw, couch cover, beach throw, festival tent etc. You may want to be more creative by making garments like harem pants, skirts, trousers, shirts etc. We use high quality 100% cotton fabric made in India. We use traditional method of Hand printing in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We ensure fair wage and good working conditions for our employees. Although our products are all new, we still insist to buy recycled and reused products where possible before buying new ones, let’s put environment first. Happy Buying. Washing Instructions: Hand wash separately in Cold water, Dry in Shade and do not tumble dry.New Designs: Working with local artisans we have created some fresh concepts in tapestries. All our tapestries are hand printed using screens and then either dyed or tie dyed to get desired colours. Visit our shop at mandala décor to view more designs and colours.
Spiritual Space: Mandalas are very sacred in many traditions and mystical too. Especially in Hindusim and Buddhism. Effects of mandalas are always calming, it draws you in and makes you focused. Mandalas are a tool to meditate.
Double Size Large Tapestry: Dimensions of this double size are (84 X 92 Inches) or (215 X 235 cms)
Pure Cotton: Material used is 100% cotton with no artificial or synthetics. Cotton is grown in south of India and produced in looms. All tapestries are made using hand even dyed and tied manually without any machinery.
Multiple uses: Alhtough we name it Tapestry but we don’t want you to limit it uses. This can be used as a scarf, a yoga mat, meditation mat, tapestry, wall décor, wall art, study room, prayer room or even sofa covers, table covers etc. You can use this at the beach and or make it a sarong.