Effective solution for pest control

Advantages compared to traditional wooden traps:
• it doesn’t absorb odors – rats avoid of human scent or smell of dead rat
• washable – easy to clean and reuse
• toothed edge of the platform prevents trapped rats escape if they are not immediately killed

Advantages compared to plastic traps:
• sturdy – it doesn’t breake like traps made of cheap plastic
• UV radiation resistant unlike plastic traps

Advantages compared to glue traps (sticky traps):
• much more humane than glue traps – rodent is in most cases dead immediately

Advantages compared to bait poison:
• safe – there is no risk of poisoning pets or small children

The next advantages:
• sharp teeth on platform – they are intended to avoid escape of caught rat from trap
• holes in platform – it is possible to nail or screw the trap to a base to prevent escape the pest with trap if the pest is caught for example by the leg

Tips & Tricks

The trap is still set and bait is gone
Try to use a solid type of bait and tie up this bait using threads to metal pedal. There are two small holes for this purpose. Then rat must put much more effort to acquire the bait and trap will be activated.

The trap was tripped and bait is gone
It seems that the trap was too sensitive and the trap was premature activated. In this case we recommend use lower sensitivity. See attached manual. If you also use a solid type of bait tied to metal pedal then you will increase the chances to trap rat.

Cought rat escaped with the trap
In order to prevent this use holes in platform of trap for nailing or screwing to the base.

The traps come in retail packaging in solid and eco-friendly cartboard box. The box containes 4 rat traps and user manual.CLASSIC PROVEN METAL SNAP RAT TRAP – Heavy duty rat trap with paddle design, combined with a powerful spring. This simple proven construction is a very effective solution for rodent control. This trap is designed especially for rats and other bigger rodents like chipmunk.
DURABLE AND REUSABLE – Made of durable and long lasting fully galvanized metal. Each rat trap can be reused for long time.
QUICK AND HUMANE KILL – The trap captures and kills rat quickly. Once a rat triggers the pedal, the trap immediately snaps and humanely kills the rat.
SAFE TO USE. CONTAINS NO POISONS OR CHEMICALS – The trap does not require poisons or chemicals, it is safe for use around food and water.
100% QUALITY GUARANTEED – we don’t sell poor-quality chinese goods and of course we dont sell fakes. No questions asked money back guarantee. Simply return the traps to Amazon for a full refund.