The Trendy Natural Way to Display Your Beautiful Plants!

✓ Perfect Size and Unmatched Quality for Indoor or Outdoor Use…

Houseplant Hangs brand macramé plant hangers have been designed with you in mind! Beautiful enough to be a home accent decoration, but strong enough for your outdoor plants. Houseplant Hangs are unlike any other plant holder:

  • 2x More Beautiful Beadwork – 4 Beads per Leg
  • 2.5x Heavier, Stronger Plant Hanger for Larger Plants
  • 3x Thicker Jute Twine Material
  • 20% Longer than Other Plant Hangers

✓ Great for All Different Pots and Plants!

Houseplant Hangs plant holders are great for pot sizes between 6″-10″ inches in diameter, including: ceramic pots, plastic pots, and terracotta pots. Whether you plan to use them for indoor flower pots, outdoor flower pots, or garden pots, rest assured Houseplants Hangs are the best plant hanger offered!

✓ Versatile for ALL Décor and Themes!

Use Houseplant Hangs as unique accent pieces for awesome themes:

  • Indian Home Decor
  • Boho Chic
  • Contemporary Home Décor
  • Rustic Home Décor
  • Bohemian Décor
  • Western Décor
  • Cowboy Décor
  • Vintage Home Décor
  • Country Shabby Chic

✓ Natural, Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable!

Made of 100% biodegradable natural jute rope, our macramé plant holders are eco-friendly and promote a healthier environment, while being a wonderful conversation piece and unique way to display your beautiful plants!

Please give us the opportunity to impress you with our product!

Choose Houseplant Hangs, NOW!

☆ PERFECT LENGTH, EXTRA THICK DESIGN! – No other plant hanger compares to the Houseplant Hangs brand! Each plant hanger is 45″ inches in length with a sturdy steel hanging ring, and 4 extra thick legs for durability and strength. Great for hanging potted plants from 6″-10″ inches in diameter! Our plant hangers are the perfect size for indoor and outdoor use!
☆ EXTRA VERSATILE! – The simple, chic design and beautiful beadwork make our plant hanger an excellent conversation piece for any home! Great as a hanging planter, wall hanging, or as a compliment to Bohemian or Vintage Home Décor.
☆ ELEGANT BEADWORK! – Houseplant hangs are not only handcrafted, but also include 2x the beadwork as our competitors providing an elegant design and unique look!
☆ ODORLESS! – Made from the highest quality natural jute material, our plant hangers are odor free and home ready!
☆ ECO-FRIENDLY! – Help protect the planet while displaying your favorite houseplant! Our plant hangers are made from natural jute rope fibers that are 100% biodegradable and recyclable!