Luyue Artificial Hanging vine Green Silk Plant Ivy Garland for Home and Party Decoration

Do you want to have the plants which is always green? Yes, we have! The artificial plants we provide are made of silk and plastic, looks natural and realistic, perfect for wedding and party decoration.bedroom,garden,balcony,swing frame,shopping shop,stairs and etc..

Condition: 100% Brand New
Package:one bunch one bag.
  Material: Silk leaves and plastic stem.
Brand: Luyue 
Size: one pcs the longest fork is about About 39.37inches, three short. four long.
note: Our hanging leaves are in the processing of coloring, printing, embossing and cutting so it may have slight peculiar smell. please don’t worry about it. it doesn’t affect you to use it.You can put it under the environment of ventilation then the peculiar smell will disappear quickly. soon. it’s easy to installed the leaves when it’s falling.and they are suitable for wedding,bedroom,garden,balcony,shopping shopand etc.
. Tips: ** There would be accumulated dust if you put it in a place for very long time, You can use the hair dryer with cold wind to remove the dust .
*If it was seriously dirty,you could sink it into salt water with high concentration for 10 minutes and then add neutral detergent and then rinse twice.
Material: Eco-friendly material, plastic stem and silk leaves.
The Whole length is 39.3 inch,leaf size: 1.57*2.36 inch.there are 7 forks with many leaves.three short and four long. stems filled with wire. you can adjust the width.
Each order contains 1 bunch. the effect of the main picture is 3 pcs. you can buy more according to your own need.
Leaves is installed easily if falling off.
Ideal for wedding. festival. parties. home decorations. gardens. fence. floral tuibutes. sheds. swing frame. air-conditioning pipes. water pipes. door frame. exposed wires. stairs.etc.