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-OxGord a leader in innovative and reliable solutions to modern living is proud to offer you our exclusive Leather Conditioning Lotion. This leather conditioner is a must have for anyone looking to preserve, protect, or restore leather upholstery, vehicle interiors, clothing, purses, and bags. Our non-greasy easy to apply formula has been designed to protect leather from the ravages of water and sun damage while restoring worn leather goods and surfaces to their original softness and shine. Extend the life of your investments while bringing restored and revitalized new life to vintage or heirloom leather furniture and clothing. Protect your vehicle’s interior while giving it a professional detailed polish and shine all with this easy to use leather conditioner. -Protect your leather goods and interiors like the pros with our exclusive leather conditioning formula. Restore detail, and shine to seating and leather accents on your car, truck, suv, or van. Use on leather sofas, and armchairs to restore and protect against spills, stains, and scuffs. Leather conditioner buffs away scratches and scars caused by wear, pets, and time. Allow your leather goods to shine for generations to come with the OxGord Leather Conditioner Lotion. – 22 oz bottle -BPA Free Plastic -Free of harmful chemicals or compounds -Never Tested on animalsOur leather lotion is the ideal way to restore old and worn leather interiors, furniture, purses, bags, and apparel to their former glory. Regular application of leather condition will help to restore the softness and supple feel of the treated leather to its original form. In addition our leather conditioner will give surfaces a smooth professional shine while buffing away scratches, scuffs, and scars that accrued over time.
Our exclusive non oily, non greasy formula is easy to apply to any leather surface using a sponge or cloth. Safe to use with a huge array of leather goods, upholstery, and clothing our leather conditioner is a must have for anyone looking to extend the life of all types of leather goods while enjoying the smooth like new touch of restored furnishings and interiors and the revitalized off the rack glow of fine leather goods.
Precious leather goods, upholstery, and vehicle interiors can last for generations if given the proper care. OxGord’s leather conditioning lotion has been specially formulated to preserve and protect leather by repelling water and moisture which can permanently damage and stain leather surfaces. In addition our leather conditioner gives surfaces an unsurpassed polish and shine preserving the leather’s like new look for years to come.
OxGord’s premium leather conditioner lotion is the perfect way to polish, preserve, and protect your leather upholstery, furnishings, and apparel from the ravages of sun damage and wear. Our exclusive formula has been designed to protect leather against water damage and cracking while restoring beautiful luster, shine, and softness. Extend the life of your leather goods & interiors with this easy to apply non greasy leather conditioner.