This modern day Flower Pots/Planter that brings beauty to your plants and surroundings. It maintains the same Neoclassic style, always durable, fashionable and a must-have for Deck, Patio, Poolside, Entryway, Garden or even Indoors with punch-out drain holes for water. Great deal for a wide range of outdoor arrangements including mixed flowers, vegetables, herbs and more. High Quality Recycled Plastic that gives a premium look and feel. Top Diameter – 12 inches, Height 8 inches, Weight – 700 Gram (1.55 LBs)Large Decorative Planters with a Look of Whiskey Barrel – Designed for Impressive Display on your Balcony, Patio, Grarden Deck or Indoors
Heavy Duty, Long Last & Durable that will withstands all Outdoor Weather Conditions
Thick resin construction with anti-fade UV protection offers durability that withstands the elements
Clay look with Light Weight for Easy Relocation and Maintenance
Drainage Hole about 1/8″ Provided to Remove excess Water – Top Diameter 12 inches, Height 8 inches