The Home alarm system simulation camera monitor with flashing red LED lights: five on the 2 section of the battery (product without batteries), flashing interval of 1 seconds, security camera power cable fake outdoor camera
Product usage and effect: a prominent position in the supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, parking, library, office, factory building, warehouse, bazaars, venues Park, residential areas around, fake video CCTV surveillance camera,bnc cable with power.

Products details:
Materials: ABS (styrene) engineering plastics
Hull color: black plastic
Individual net weight: 0.5LBS
Weight: 0.7LBS
Body size: 174*85*200 mm length * width* height
Material: ABS (styrene) engineering plastic bracket
Bracket height: 120mm
Bracket base size: 50*80 mm length * width
Bracket rotation range of motion: can be fully adjusted to (up and down tilt 0-90 degrees, about the degree of rotation 0-360 degrees)
Camera lens diameter: 25 mm
Energy display: flashing red LED lights (flashing interval of 5 seconds)
Open method: direct removal or installation of 2*1.5V (AA five) battery, not included in this product
Battery life: 3-6 months
Lock method: screw
Packing: net weight: 350 gram / weight: 400g
Package size: 146*85*175 mm length * width* height
Specifications: the product is placed in the bubble film glass paper bag and thick cardboard packaging

This fake wireless surveillance cameras only a flashing red light LED lights

Dummy wireless home security camera system perfect dummy camera can be used both indoors and outdoors and fit for any place.
Electronic fake wireless hidden camera open method: direct removal or installation of batteries, 2*1.5V(AA No 5) batteries , batteries not included in this product.
False exterior security cameras cctv camera continuous performance of camera work: Sustainable, camera lens diameter: 25 mm.
Spurious spy camera energy display: flashing red LED lights (flashing interval of 5 seconds). Fake security camera outdoor with Illuminating LED
Fake security camera material: ABS (styrene) engineering plastic bracket , it’s pretty solid and durable to use.Can be tilted up to 90 degrees, about 360 degrees rotation dummy security camera with blinking light.