Name: Artificial Eucalytus Green Branches
Total Length :110cm/43 inch
Flower Material: Fabric+ plastic-coated wire

Package include

1pcs*Artificial Eucalytus Green Branches (No Vase included)


1)Because every branch is too long, we will bend them for package.When you receive the product, straightened it! It won’t affect the appearance!
2)Due to shipping,the petal will be some fall off,which you could easily put on by yourself
3)the flowers and leaves will looks perfect and go back to shape two or three days after you taking out from package
Size:Total length 110cm/43″;1 pcs eucalyptus has 7 small branches
Can be cut down to fit your specific needs or left as-is for an area that needs a little height
Foliage made of the fabric, olive fruit made of the foam material, gradient color
Best choice for office,bedroom, living room, coffee table,Wedding, Party and so on
one order include 1pcs 1 pcs Artificial Eucalytus Green Branches. No Vase included