Social Trade News: According to the latest News of Social Trade, Anubhav Mittal, CEO Ablaze Info Private Limited has been arrested. Anubhav Mittal has been charged of Fraud and Money laundering. Social Trade charged with fraud of Rs.3700 Crore and fooled more than 7 lakh people within just 1 year. So here is everything you need to know about Social Trade News, Social Trade Scam, Social Trade Latest News, Social Trade Anubhav Mittal etc.


According to my previous articles, I had already told people about the truth of this company and its activity. Social Trade Scam has been the the first online fraud of India till date and it included alot of members in its MLM process. So lets see if you can get your money back from social trade, ablaze company or frenzzup or even intmaart company.


Latest Social Trade News:

  • Recently, Anubhav Mittal is in Police Custody for 14 Days (4th feb 2017)
  • & Social Trade website is Not Working
  • People are not getting Daily Work
  • Anubhav Mittal Release by Police (3 PM – 2 Feb 2017 )
  • Anubhav Mittal Arrested (6 AM – 2 Feb 2017)
  • Rs. 3700 Crore Scam
  • Fooled 7 Lakh People

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How Did Social Trade Scam Worked:

Social Trade Ponzi Scheme worked in a very unique and amazing manner that the world has never  seen before. Social Trade Scam was master minded by Mr. Anubhav Mittal, CEO of Ablaze Info Private Limited. Police has taken Anubhav Mittal in custody along with two other members on charges of Fraud. Social Trade was the first ever Social Networking Scam of the world. So, Lets have a brief look on how the company operated and  fooled fellow Indians:

  •  Police arrested 3 people Anubhav Mittal from their Office in Noida Sector 63 on charges of Fraud.
  • Police has also seized Rs.500 crore from company’s Bank Account.
  • The accused ran a Social Exchange Portal called “”, later “”
  • Here the user had to invest in any of the 4 packages by paying Rs. 5750 to Rs. 57,500 to the company to become a member
  • On becoming a Member, person would earn Rs.5 on clicking a link they get.
  • The Number of links depended upon the Social Trade Package user had bought.
  • The company claimed to get Rs 8 per click from advertiser and they paid Rs 5 to the members.
  • But as said by Police, These links were fake and sent by the company only.
  • The company was registered under Ablaze Info Private Limited and is also accused of constantly changing their name.
  • According to Social Trade latest news, company has duped Rs 3700 Crore from 6.5 Lakh people.

Read Till below on How To Get Your Money Back?

As per the very Recent Report (3 PM), Anubhav Mittal has been released Now. But its high time that people should understand the core mechanism of the company.  So that people invest their hard earned money wisely. 

According to the latest News, UP Special Task Force has found the India’s fraud of all time. The company has been accused of fooling more than 7 Lakh people with the amount Rs. 3,700 through their  Online portal.

  • Three people have been arrested and further investigation is on.
  • Rs.500 Crore Tracked & Seized in Bank Account

Social Trade was a link exchange portal where people have to take a Package then they used to get the daily work of link, though which they used to earn money. Seeing the easy money lakhs of people from India joined Social Trade instantly.

People used to get Rs. 5 per link click and they can opt for any package between Rs. 5750 to Rs. 57,500. Members used to earn money according to their package amount.  Below I will tell you all the plans and earning method of Social Trade.

The Police Said:

“The accused persons were running a web portal — social — where an investor has to pay from Rs 5,750 to Rs 57,500 in the company’s account to become the member and earn Rs 5 per click. So far, we managed to track around Rs 500 crore and already seized the company’s bank accounts.” 

In this Social Trade Scam Review, I will tell you about how the company fooled people so easily.