This is a tall variation of our red dogwood/sword lilies product. This kit has dried 4-5 ft. red dogwood branches coupled with sword lilies in your choice of burgundy, white, or red. If you want to impress your friends and guests an uncommon event design, this is your answer. It is distinct, lively, and colorful. This arrangement looks fabulous in tall fluted vases that allow the branches to splay.Green Floral Crafts 4-5′ Tall dried red dogwood is tinted a dark burgundy and will retain its color much longer than regular dogwood
Paired w/ sword lilies handcrafted from the sola plants
Sword lilies are handcrafted from natural plants that are dried, dyed, and shaped into flower petals by. Color choices are: white, red, or burgundy
Green Floral Crafts 4-5 ft tall dried red dogwood branches have been tinted to retain color that will last a long time
This is an all natural, renewable resources product