Let you own a nature light in the dark,lighting walkway for you and your children.
Make your cube aquarium a wonderful land for fishes.To create a peaceful quiet home after turn off the lights.
Please notice that the light will be soft and not strong in dark.[EASY TO ENJOY] Just let it absorb light,better be sunlight for half days,then bring wonderful soft blue light to you.
[HIGH QUALITY].Made up with polyresin, non-toxic & tasteless, non-radioactive, environment friendly, can be used for 10-15 years
[INDOOR & ROOM DECORATION]This fake pebble is perfect to dress the potted plant, vase, fish tank, aquarium, etc. allow flowers, fish pets enjoy light in dark again.
[OUTDOOR DECOR & ORNAMENTS]Ideal for waterscapes, landscape decoration,lighting a pathway, walkway or driveway, gardens, patio and law, crafts.Line glow stones on road, pour pebbles into swimming pool, let those artificial rocks absorb light and return blue light in evening.
[ATTENTION].Pay attention to avoid making toys for children, children play may cause suffocation.