The boxwood’s dense evergreen leaves have made it a favorite for shaping into topiaries since ancient times. Customize your private open-air sanctuary by displaying on the patio, deck, beside the pool or near the hot tub or bring some of the fresh outdoors in, providing a stately decor piece that is low in maintenance . Lush and full, this is a real, all natural boxwood plant that has been specially preserved to maintain its lush green color and its characteristically “live” texture and feel. Because of the special nature of this organic product, we recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight and misting it with glycerin water or regular water periodically to preserve its beauty and softness. Portraying strength and permanence, the boxwood collections from Galt International come in various designs, shapes and sizes to assure you get that “just right” accent to personalize your space.Real, all natural boxwood topiary specially preserved to maintain lush green color and ‘live’ texture and feel
Organic preserved plant not recommended for placement in direct sunlight
Boxwood ball topiary with natural twig stem and restoration style distressed white plant container measures 6″ diameter x 29.5″ tall
Spritz with glycerin or regular water periodically to maintain natural beauty and softness
Stately yet low maintenance d├ęcor for inside the home, by the pool or hot tub or on the deck or patio