Full Spectrum Goodness

Whether you’re looking to nurture your cherished flowers through the thick of winter or get the best yield
from your indoor crops, our red blue led grow light is just what you need to get the job done! The red light
promotes budding, flowering, and fruiting, while the blue promotes optimal growth of leaves to greatly boost
photosynthesis. Treat your hydroponic vegetables, bonsai tree, or greenhouse plants to the best lighting
conditions for noticeably healthy growth.

Protect your Plants

Our grow light bulb stays cool so that your plants can stay enviably healthy! No more dealing with the
leaf-damaging heat of other growing lights. Thanks to the unique ribbed design that acts as a heat sink, you
can confidently use our grow bulbs to nourish even the most sensitive of plants. We’ve complemented
the safety-conscious design with an ultra-durable aircraft-grade aluminum body, and a lifetime warranty that
you simply can’t find elsewhere.

Here’s what makes these growing lights for plants a cut above the rest:

– Energy-efficient 20-watt bulb greatly saves on power costs.

– No harmful ultraviolet radiation is ever produced.

– Designed to produce a 120-degree beam for maximum area coverage.

– Come in a pack of 2 at an unbeatable price to give you great value for your money.

– Fitted with an E27/ 26 base for easy installation into standard sockets.

Create optimal light conditions for your plants with the most cost-effective full spectrum LED grow bulbs.
– BOOST PLANT GROWTH: Create the perfect light conditions for growth with our full spectrum led grow light. This large plant grow light bulb comes fitted with 166 red and 34 blue LEDs that provide the ideal wavelength to see your plants through all stages of growth.
– ACCOMMODATE MULTIPLE PLANTS: With an extra-wide beam angle of 120 degrees, these growing lights for plants can cater to multiple plants, significantly helping you save on costs when setting up your hydroponic greenhouse or indoor garden.
– LOWEST POWER CONSUMPTION: Unlike regular power-hungry indoor grow lighting that can prove expensive to maintain, our 20W LED bulbs keep power costs low without ever compromising on the luminosity and come with an E27/26 base for easy installation.
– NO MORE CHANGING BULBS: Fitted with LEDs rated at 50,000 hours, this indoor garden grow light packs the durability to see you through countless growing seasons. We’ve designed the body of the LED grow light bulbs using aircraft-grade polished aluminum for a touch of unrivaled quality.
– LIFETIME WARRANTY: Shorten the growth cycle and maximize yields without having anything to lose. Our led grow lights bulbs come with an iron-clad lifetime warranty to give you total peace of mind and the best bang for your buck.