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Finally ready to transform your body, improve your health and wave goodbye to your unwanted fat? Well, look no further! Our experts have rallied together and created a real treat for you. Fit Affinity’s Weight Loss Bundle, which includes our Lean Fat Burner for Her, Tight Tummy for Her and Firm: Body Sculptor for Her

Lean Fat Burner – 90 capsules

Whether you’re dreaming of a perfect bikini beach body or just want to shed those final stubborn pounds, Fit Affinity’s Lean Fat Burner weight loss capsules are the perfect training partner to maximize your fat burning efforts quickly and safely. Expertly formulated using a blend of powerful and naturally derived fat loss ingredients, and proven to increase energy levels, boost metabolism, reduce fatigue, boost mood and optimize fat burning potential, they are sure to give your weight loss goals that all-important push.

Tight Tummy – 90 Capsules

Beat belly bloat with Fit Affinity’s Tight Tummy for Her. Combining the best all natural ingredients in vegetable capsules, to help reduce bloating, improve digestion, decrease stomach irritation and tighten your tummy, they will leave you feeling and looking your best all year round.

Firm: Body Sculptor – 90 capsules

Appetite suppressants play a key role in both short and long term weight loss goals and enable you to get the very best results out of your training. Even with a faultless exercise plan and super strong motivation, your results will plateau if you haven’t cracked your diet. Specifically designed to support weight loss and aid body fat reduction, Fit Affinity’s Body Sculptor for Her capsules are the perfect way to keep hunger at bay.ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Carnitine, Choline, and Cocoa powder work to help release fat from the cells and into the bloodstream to be burned for energy. Biotin and Cayenne work to mobilize the fat cells to the mitochondria. Caffeine and Green Tea make sure to keep this process going at a rapid rate and maintaining the higher level of metabolism. ALA and Advatra-Z work to keep fat from being stored in the cells so that your hard work doesn’t go to waste.
SEE NOTICEABLE RESULTS FAST – An effective fat burner for women, Most ladies will notice results in the first week, It helps energy levels through out the day, It helps curb appetite so you don’t feel the need to overeat, you also feel an improvement in your focus and concentration so you’re able to get a lot more things done during your day. It also helps to increase energy levels, target fat through out your body so you burn more calories and increase aerobic capacity during the workout.
REDUCE BLOATING – Provides natural probiotics and herbal ingredients that help eliminate water retention around the stomach, helps digestion with the included digestive enzymes helps break down carbohydrates and fats, to leave you feeling your best
WORKS WITH OR WITHOUT EXERCISE – The Diet Pills can be used wether you are someone with a busy schedule that doesn’t have time to workout or someone who incorporates exercise into their weight loss program. The product will work for all fitness levels and can be taken in the morning after breakfast on normal days or taken before exercise with food on activity days.
MADE IN USA – Manufactured in an FDA registered Facility that confirms with GMP Standards.