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No More Scratches On Your Beautiful Floors

Do your chairs, tables, bed and other furniture scratch your floors? Do you want your laminate, wood, teal and vinyl floors to be shiny and new? Then get the self-adhesive furniture pads and stick them to the feet of your furniture!

The 1/6” thick and dense felt furniture pads will be very gentle with your floors and they will keep them protected and scratch free! The Vipat@Home self-adhesive felt furniture pads are all beige, so that they will not be visible and they will not interfere with the aesthetics of your house.

Multiple Furniture Stickers In Multiple Sizes And Shapes

The Vipat@Home furniture pads come in a pack of 181, so you will have enough to use on all of the furniture in your house! Perfect for TV, beds, tables, sofa, drawers. They also come in many different sizes and shapes, so that they will have the perfect feet on any furniture feet you use them.

64 pcs 3/8″

40 pcs 3/4″”

60 pcs 1″

8 pcs 1 1/2″

4 pcs 2″

4 pcs 1/2×6″

1 pcs 4 1/3×6″

You can grab your scissors and even cut the shape that you need. Then you can stick them to any furniture or object, after you make sure that the surface is clean and dry. Undeniable Quality and Durability The felt furniture pads are made to last. They will easily stick to all surfaces and they will stay there until you decide to remove them. And once you remove them, there won’t be any sticky residue left behind. Here at Vipat@Home we use the best materials when we make the protective furniture pads to ensure that they will have a long-lasting adhesion. Try them out and see for yourself!

PROTECT YOUR FLOORS: Your laminate, wood, tiles and vinyl floors will be safe thanks to the felt furniture pads.
USE THEM ON ALL FURNITURE: Stick the furniture pads to chair, table, bed, and sofa feet and also on vases, plant pots and on your TV base.
THICK AND DURABLE: The 1/6″ felt furniture pads with the high density are very durable and effective.
EASY TO USE: Apply the self-adhesive furniture pad on your furniture feet after you make sure the surface is clean and dry.
100% SATISFACTION: If You don’t like our premium non slip floor protector pads – we will refund your money! ORDER IT NOW WITH RISK FREE.