Growth Boosting Wavelength

Give your plants the optimal growth conditions with LED grow lights designed with the fullest light spectrum
on the market. Producing a mix of wavelengths that mimic ideal natural light, these grow bulbs help shorten
the growth cycle of indoor plants, are perfect for nurturing your favorite flowers through the winter, and unlock
the full potential of your greenhouse crops to maximize yields. Flex your green thumb with a touch of
growth-boosting color!

Compact yet Powerful

No more dealing with outdated, room-filling fluorescent grow lights. Featuring the latest in LED grow light
technology, our compact bulbs give you more space to tend to your plants all while treating you to durability
that is simply unmatched. We’re so confident about the superior quality of these space-efficient LED lights that
we’ve backed them with a one-of-a-kind lifetime warranty. Watch your plants grow healthier and stronger than
ever before without having anything to lose.

Here’s what sets these growing lights for plants above the rest:

– Energy-efficient 28-watt equivalent bulbs greatly save on electricity.

– In-built heat sink controls heat output to prevent any damage to plants.

– Designed to produce a 180-degree beam for maximum area coverage.

– Come in a pack of 2 at an unbeatable price to give you great value for money.

– All-metal aluminum body with an E27 base for easy installation.

Count on Asani’s grow lights to give your plants a boost of health while treating you to a mix of
unrivaled functionality and great durability.IMPROVE PLANT HEALTH: Get your greenhouse or hydroponic indoor plants in healthy condition with Asani’s full spectrum led grow light. It comes with 16 red, 8 blue, 2 ivory, 2 yellow, 1 IR, and 1 UV bulb to create the optimal light conditions for photosynthesis and growth.
ZERO LEAF DAMAGE: Unlike other LED grow light bulbs that produce plant-damaging heat, we’ve fitted our plant grow light with a metal aluminum heat sink to keep it at the ideal temperature for plant growth.
LASTS FOR YEARS: Don’t risk it with flimsy plastic LED grow lights. Designed using a superior-grade aluminum alloy, these LED grow light bulbs give you unmatched service for years. They’re also fitted with high-performance LEDs rated at over 50,000 hours.
SAVE ON POWER: The 28W-equivalent LED growing lights have an actual power consumption of 6W to 9W, greatly saving on your electricity bill in the process. These energy efficient grow lights come with a convenient E27 base that screws into any standard socket.
1 YEAR WARRANTY: Enjoy the best LED grow lights without having anything to lose. We’ll gladly replace these RoHS and CE certified indoor growing lights in case of any manufacturing defect.