Your Christmas tree watering days are over! The Elf Logic Automatic Christmas Tree Waterer is a simple solution to watering your tree during the season. This is a unique tree watering system that consistently hydrates your tree, hassle free. No more bending down, or spilling water with a tree funnel. Simply fill the Elf Logic Christmas tree automatic waterer Hydration Station 2 liter hydration bag, that attaches to the middle of the tree, and watch as it slowly releases water over the course of the day through its patented hydration valve. The hydration bag is easy to refill and maintain, and hangs mid tree for easily accessible refills. Other Christmas tree watering systems can be difficult to install, and have unsightly accessories. Ours is simple, and requires no drilling. Enjoy an unobscured Christmas tree with a hidden design, free of bulky containers or unsightly funnels. Watering made simple.HASSLE FREE WATER RELEASE- Hate watering your tree? Elf Logic steadily releases water into your tree thoughout the day. Keep your tree hydrated, with this Christmas tree watering system.
NO BENDING DOWN TO WATER YOUR TREE- No more bending over & struggling to pour water into tiny tree stand reservoirs. Keep your christmas tree green and fresh for the whole season.
SIMPLE INSTALLATION & REFILLING- Elf Logic tree watering system requires NO DRILLING or unsightly hardware. The watering bag stays hidden, simply hangs from the tree for easy refilling, and fills stands for you!
IN TREE HIDDEN DESIGN- Elf Logic’s unobtrusive design means no large containers, or an unsighly christmas tree funnel. This automatic christmas tree waterer is hands free!
HOW IT WORKS- The 2 liter hydration bag attaches to the middle of your tree, empties through a patented release valve, and slowly releases water throughout the day. No tree funnel necessary!