As you know, safety is a really important concern to our home. We are never truly safe not even in our home. And adding security to home can be really expensive. The camera service is way too expensive for our budget.

Here we’d like to recommend this Great Simulation Camera Dummy CCTV Camera to all the customers seeking for a reliable Surveillance CCTV camera. It is featured with high simulation appearance and cheap cost.

To prevent larceny and theft, you can apply it to the shop, supermarket, hotel, parking lot, library, office, plant, community, storage and so on. Perfect security effectiveness can be available when it’s used with several real cameras! Bid it, you cannot get a better one at this price.

Materials: ABS (styrene) engineering plastics
Hull color: Black plastic
Individual net weight: 0.5LBS
Weight: 0.7LBS
Body size: 6.9*3.3*7.9 inches length * width* height
Material: ABS (styrene) engineering plastic bracket
Bracket height: 4.7inches
Bracket base size: 2*3.1 inches length * width
Bracket rotation range of motion: can be fully adjusted to (up and down tilt 0-90 degrees, about the degree of rotation 0-360 degrees)
Camera lens diameter: 1 inch
Energy display: flashing red LED lights (flashing interval of 2 seconds)
Open method: direct removal or installation of 2*1.5V (2*AA) battery, not included in this product
Lock method: screw
Packing: net weight: 700 gram / weight: 1.8 LBS
Package size: 5.7*3.3*6.9 inches length * width* height
Specifications: the product is placed in the bubble film glass paper bag and thick cardboard packaging

Package include :
2 * Dummy Camera
6* Screws
2 * Warning sign
IMPROVE SECURITY: Get some peace of mind with our decoy cameras! Have everyone believe you are keeping an eye on employees, property, and your business.
CONVINCING LED LIGHTS: The continuous blinking light gives the impression of working surveillance equipment for an added level of security, protection, & peace of mind.
INDOOR/OUTDOOR WATERPROOF DESIGN: The dome design of this fake surveillance system makes it perfect to convince people believe you are watching them directly.
INCLUDES BONUS STICKER: We have included the standard CCTV sticker & a BONUS warning sticker to create the illusion of an all-seeing eye.
EASY INSTALLATION: No wiring needed, adjustable for added convenience to place at different angles around any building, house, apartment, etc. (requires 2xAA batteries, not included)