Product Description :

-Metallic & vinyl-like finishes
-Makes lips appear more plump & full
-Feels soft & comfortable on lips; non-gritty

This type of matte lip gloss is waterproof and long lasting and would not stick on cup. If you want to look brighter, we recommend you to use lip brush, if you use your hands, it will look a little darker. Because it is the effect of matte velvet, your lips will be a little dry, if you want moisturizing, you can use of it with a lip balm.

Item type: Velvet matte lip gloss lipstick
Features: Long Lasting/Waterproof/Not stick on cup
Effect: Matte
Colors: 12pcs,with 12pcs different colors.

1. Because it is the effect of matte velvet, you can touch and drink water, but you cannot eat something grease.
2. Remove with the cleansing oil.
3. Make sure there is no damage on your lips before use.Get 1 Premium Lip Gloss Sponger FREE when check out with code: QTHRRZ8K. More Promotions please refer to Special Offers. COOSA Lipstick: Long lasting color, Color is wonderful. Non-stick cup and waterproof.
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COOSA Lipstick: Variety of colors to suit every style and occasion. Matte Metal lipstick is charming.
COOSA Lipstick: Super high grade materials used in production, recommend to use lip balm in case of dry.
Package include: 12PCS Lipsticks, with 12pcs different colors. Size: 3*0.84*0.84inch.