One common mistake among new Bonsai owners is thinking every soil blend is the same. They’re not! Tinyroots Conifer Blend direct from BonsaiOutlet is specially formulated and blended to ensure your Conifer Bonsai has all the nutrition it needs for healthy growth! Just like people and animals, different Bonsai trees have different nutritional needs. Giving your conifer any old soil blend is like serving up puppy chow for a kitten. Likewise, just because a Bonsai conifer can live in most soil types doesn’t mean they thrive on them. Tinyroots soil blends from BonsaiOutlet have been scientifically developed and tested to include precisely the nutrient blend which is most beneficial for each types of tree. For conifers, this means a blend that brings rich year-round growth, vibrant needles, and a long happy lifespan. This two-quart topsoil blend brings together all the best of several different soil types. It’s built on both genuine Japanese Akadama, which is widely believed to be the best Bonsai soil in the world, along with real Turface® high-fired calcined clay for extra water retention and soil hold. This is enhanced with both finely-ground pine bark as well as nutrient-rich river soil, bringing many of the key nutritional elements your conifer needs to thrive. Additionally, it receives treatment with FRIT: A special concoction of 28 vitamins and minerals, which guarantee great conifer tree nutrition.Two-quart bag, 100% Organic and All-Natural
Perfectly blended for Junipers, Japanese Black Pines and White Pines, Cedars, Cypress trees, and other conifer Bonsai species
Contains genuine high-grade Japanese Akadama, Turface® high-fired calcined clay for superior moisture retention & FRIT vitamin and mineral blend with 28 nutrients for conifers
Ground pine bark and river sand bring more nutritional benefit, All heavy particles pre-sifted to protect your Bonsai tree’s roots
Direct from BonsaiOutlet,com, the Internet’s largest Bonsai retailer, Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee