CLEARANCE SALE!! Simple style is the trend, keep it simple and elegant, this Crystal Future Star White Fiber Optic Christmas Tree is perfectly simple and in style. A combination of white PVC and glitter foliage, super fluffy and soft branches. Decorated with Crystal EV light up balls. Each branch fitted with Fiber Optic tips and LED light, the whole tree lights up, sparkle and charm. the lights change from white to blue glow slowly, back and forth, take your home into The Future World. Close your eyes, imagine a cool, high-tech, future style Christmas with our Crystal Future Star Fiber Optic Christmas tree.6ft / 180cm, width 31.5”. Metal Stand. 2016 New Product on Clearance Sale!
Hight quality fiber optic tips, Every branches fitted with fiber optic amd LED light, the whole tree lights up, and every crystal ball is an individual LED light.
Energy-efficient, Worry-FreeTM LED light, every branch and inside each ball is an individual LED lightThe lifetime of LED lights is at least 3 times longer then normal lights.
The whole tree comes in one piece, super easy to setup and assemble, the lighted star is attached to the tree
Latest color changing technology, the LED lights slowly change from bright white to blue, and blue back to bright white.