5-Pack Of Clear 14″ Plant Saucers
Protect Up To 5 Surfaces With A Single Investment

  • Works great on carpet to provide a stable base for your beautiful plants and flowers
  • Ridges on the bottom of the saucers allow for proper air movement to prevent mold and mildew
  • Clear plastic allows you to see the supporting surface or you can add decorative rock of your choice

Proudly Made In The USA

90 Day Hassle-free Guarantee

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MADE IN THE USA – 5 pack of 14″ clear, round, plastic plant saucers. Each plant saucer measures 14″ at the top and 12-1/2″ at the bottom.
SUPERIOR PROTECTION – Never worry about excess water or spilled soil staining or damaging your household surfaces again! These drip trays will catch excess debris and moisture with their waterproof design.
OPTIMAL PLANT DRAINAGE – Ensure your favorite houseplants, pots, planters, and flowers have an ideal drain tray while not having to worry about over or under watering them.
EXCELLENT FOR DIY – These saucers are great for gardening projects and home décor. You can decorate around the base of your favorite potted plants and flowers while protecting your surfaces against moisture, mold, and mildew.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Take advantage of these benefits for multiple home garden locations around your house with this 5-pack of saucers! They are backed by a 90 day manufacturer warranty.