Inspiration of a frosted Fir tree on an early December morning. Dark green color foliage slightly frosted, spraying out winter chill through every needle tip, all outer tips are carefully printed white on the edge, brightened up with the cool white “Cat eye” LED lights. It’s unique, it’s one of a kind. The importance of shaping this Frosted Fir tree is the titled tips, keep the lights on and compare to our picture when you shape the tree. Imagine your Christmas tree dancing freely in the morning breeze before the sun rise. Fluff out every one of those frosted white needle branches underneath, to obtain the full and flush effect. Decorate it with your favorite ornaments with family and friends, savor the delightful moments of the season with our Modern Frosted Fir Christmas tree. 2017 New Collection. New arrival promotion 30% off on our already low Price, for a limited time only and while quantity last. Buy it now, they will be gone so fast!6ft, 868 tips, pre-lit with 230 “Cat Eye” LED lights, bottom width 46′.
Designer’s choice Modern Fir. Every needle tip is printed white on the edge, frosted PVC branches underneath, perfectly reflecting the “Cat-Eye” bright white LED lights, it’s a real Eye Catcher.
Energy-efficient, low Watt Worry-FreeTM LED light, cool bright white. The life time of LED is at least 3 times longer than normal lights.
Hinged construction for easy setup. Metal hings, metal steady stand, which can be easily fold up for storage after the Christmas season. Eco-friendly material.
8 different mode light settings/patterns, switch with one button: 1.Combination 2.In wave 3.Sequential 4.SLO-GLO 5.Sparkling/Chasing 6.Fade in/out 7.twinkling 8.Steady Burn (Only offered by Holiday Stuff)