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Bobcat attacked man and dog.

Authorities say a bobcat that attacked a large dog and bit a man in the Anthem Country Club area last weekend has tested positive for rabies. The Arizona Game and Fish Department received a call Sunday night that a man was bitten on the hand by a bobcat The man says the bobcat attacked a German shepherd and he was bitten while trying to separate the two animals. The bobcat was caught and underwent a necropsy. Tissue samples were sent to the Arizona Department of Health Services. Officials announced Monday that results showed the bobcat tested positive for rabies. Game... read more

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10 Of The Strangest Crimes Involving Animals

Sometimes, animals become involved in human crimes through no fault of their own. They may be used as a threat or a weapon. They may... read more

Spiders Are Not For Everyone

There are people who hates spiders and there are some who hate them even more. But every other decade or century, there are people who... read more

You Will Be Amazed Why This Is The Cutest Racehorse Ever

In England, A Shetland pony race will be the cutest racehorse you will ever see in your life. Watch as these small ones run as... read more

10 Facts About Ancient Egyptian Animals That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Facts About Ancient Egyptian Animals That Will Blow Your Mind Egypt was one of the first great civilizations on earth. They lived at the... read more

10 Terrifyingly Huge Extinct Versions Of Adorable Animals

Featured image credit: Jay Matternes We’ve covered the topic of gigantic animals before, looking at ancient and terrifying huge versions of snakes and scary carnivorous... read more

10 Surprisingly Dangerous Animals

Some wild animals aren’t considered dangerous creatures, but sometimes even stereotyped as friendly. Other animal aggressors are so familiar that we may never consider how... read more

This Chihuahua Packs A Punch

Watch and see how a very eager Chihuahua takes on a passive Great Dane.

15 Unusual Prehistoric Creatures

There are plenty of strange animals living today, but few people know how odd some of the creatures of the past were. Here is a... read more

One Bull Terrier Had A Photo Shoot And These Are The Results

Next > 1 of 20 When Rafael Mantesso found himself alone with his bull terrier, they did this. With all those white space walls and... read more

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