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The men who clear up after the dead: Extreme cleaners called in to fumigate flat after elderly man died alone and his decomposing body lay undiscovered for days

There is always sadness in learning of someone’s death, but more so when they die alone and lay undiscovered for days.  And there are practical matters to consider also – such an occurrence leaves behind bio-hazardous material from the decomposing body that requires experts known as trauma cleaners to remove the waste. George and Deano are two specialists who have spent seven years tasked with the gruesome clean-up of blood, bodily fluids and other infectious matter – jumping into action anywhere from the scene of a murder to the aftermath of a suicide. The duo feature in ITV’s Call the... read more

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Taking comfort to a whole new level! The VERY inventive ways people kick back and relax at home, in the office and even on public transport

At the end of a long day in the office, there’s nothing quite like kicking off your shoes and settling in for a lazy night... read more

The Instagram ‘fit list’: Fitness star who earns up to $26,000 a post claims top place on the chart with 16.9million followers – but Body Coach Joe Wicks only comes in at 21st place

Instagram has quickly become the place to go for fitness inspiration – or ‘fitspiration’ as it is known.   And now, a new ‘fit list’ has... read more

‘The only man that can find him is Julien Baptiste!’ Doctor Foster viewers call for a crossover with BBC drama The Missing after Tom vanishes in the season finale

Doctor Foster fans have called on producers to orchestrate a crossover with fellow BBC drama The Missing after last night’s episode ended with a character... read more

Revealed: How buying toiletries from Boots and Superdrug costs more than the supermarket (and a basket of products is more than DOUBLE the price of a haul from Aldi)

Budget retailer Aldi says it costs just £25 to restock bathroom with 15 essentials Femail compared a basket from supermarkets plus high street chemists Boots... read more

Are these the most outrageous displays of teenage wealth yet? Luxury Kids of Instagram flaunt their VERY lavish lifestyles – including pouring champagne over cereal and a pet tiger

New Instagram account claims to be the most ostentatious yet  One pictured curing hangover with bowl of Lucky Charms and Moet   A very wealthy partygoer... read more

Woman who started pulling out all her body hair at the age of NINE and ended up in a psychiatric hospital finally overcomes her compulsion thanks to a revolutionary hairpiece

A woman who started pulling all her body hair out when she was nine-years-old believes she’s finally overcome her compulsion thanks to a revolutionary hairpiece.... read more

A gift from his girls! Dutch Queen Maxima and her three daughters pose for stunning new portraits to celebrate King Willem-Alexander’s 50th birthday

Queen Máxima’s striking resemblance to her three daughters is revealed in this stunning set of photographs to commemorate her husband’s 50th birthday. The Dutch queen... read more

They shouldn’t have taken the plunge! The worst plumbing fails ever revealed in a gallery of VERY badly botched DIY jobs

People have shared snaps of the worst plumbing disasters they’ve witnessed Includes toilets built far too close to the wall and broken pipes affixed with... read more

She’s a real SPICE girl! Russian rapper’s wife who looks exactly like Victoria Beckham strips off and dances in nothing but glitter in saucy advert

A model dubbed the Russian Victoria Beckham appears in an ad wearing nothing but sparkly body paint. Aiza Anokhina, 32, shared the risque clip with... read more

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