It is great for weddings and bridal shower decorations 30CM” tall.
A classic to any floral arrangement,Lifelike artificial flower that remains just as fresh-looking and beautiful year after year.
Material: Plastic..
Reasonable in price and Excellent in quality.
Package included: 1 bunch bouquet . The flowers in main effect picture shown on the page is 2 bunches of flowers. Flower arrangement: 1 vase should buy 2 bunch bouquets. 1 Bouquet includes: 3 x Rose (flower diameter 8.5cm), 3 x Dahlia (flower diameter 10cm), 2 x little Daisy (flower diameter 3.5cm), 2 x Big Daisy (flower diameter 5cm), Flower bouquets in one set will be sold together.
Size: Total length: Approx 30cm. Vase and other accessaries not included.
Real touch and wedding ,artificial flower.Flower head is cloth, plastic pole.
this Suit for Bridal bouquet,wedding parties,home decorations,bookstore,cafe store,cloth shop and all kinds of occasion’s decoration