Add color and height to any room in your home with this artificial dracaena tree. Standing at 6 feet tall, the vibrant Green leaves coupled with a natural wood coated trunk will leave you with a tropical feeling all year round. Artificial plants and trees are perfect for summer homes, winter homes, Condos, apartments or even room staging, as they require no maintenance.Large 6′ Decorative Potted Artificial Dracaena Tree
Artificial Tree includes fiberglass pot finished with a layer of real sphagnum moss for even more realism.
Breeze Point’s artificial plants and trees are truly realistic and make the perfect decorative indoor plant, without the need for watering, maintenance or light.
Vibrant shade of green with realistic leaves
Pot Dimensions: 11.42″ L X 11.42″ W X 11.81″ H
Dimensions: 23.5″ L X 18″ W X 75.5″ H
Extremely realistic decorative indoor plant for home decor use.