1.Real touch feeling grass leaf bunch artificial flowers greenery evergreen plant for any occasion centerpieces decorative greenery
2.This full and luscious faux baby’s breath flower in green is wired, easily bendable, perfect for outdoor arrangements. Use this vibrant green bush and silk flowers to create a colorful centerpiece for outside decor!
3.This is a artificial plant, which is constructed of plastic and fabric material.Unlike this real plants This faux shrubs will never die off, and easy take care of it. so that it can be a nice decoration for a long timeSize: Total length: Approx 18 inch;
Realistic looking faux grass plants pretty suitable for office, conference hall greenery as the tabletop plants or floor plants.
Flowers and Leaves are made of plastic, easy for care.
Artificial greenery landscaping plants for your home, backyard, forecourt, balcony, garden decor arrangements with the beautiful fake bushes
Package for 2 bunchs, In order to show the floral effect, you need buy more than 2 lots.