1.Color problem: all pictures are taken in kind, as far as possible so that the color looks close
to the kind?if you can not accept a little aberration,pls buy carefully.

2.Size: Please purchase before the buyer to see detailed product description.All dimensions
are manual, there will be about 1 Inch error.

3.Express problem: Express due to the different cities, such as bad weather, the delay may
delay the delivery of the phenomenon, please understand, be patient.

4.Commodity loss: the general loss of goods are caused because the package is damaged,
if you find that the parcel tape is replaced or damaged or torn, broken, there are signs of
unpacking, please do not sign. If the parcel without verification of the receipt of the goods that
appear missing, shortages or accidents caused by transport, it is difficult to assume
responsibility, I hope you can understand.

5.Quality: received after the quality problems found in the receipt within 48 hours of timely
contact us, provide relevant picture evidence, we will properly resolve, postage we assume.

6.Please carefully check before you using! Because each customer requirements are different,
it is impossible to do in the eyes of any customer is perfect. Some do not affect the
application of small flaws hope you do not too seriously.

Thanks again for your patronage and shopping pleasant.
Flower Height:19 Inch,2 Bounquet/package(Packing not include the vase).
Home Decor : According to European oil painting design,With flowers to dress home, Will make your house look more beautiful, simple and yet luxury.Don’t forget to enjoy your life.
Gift : High-end european-style peony, the best choice for Mother’s gifts, Mother’s day,Christmas,and so on.Send a bouquet of flowers, send a surprise.
Wedding Decor : This peoney is very high-end,it will Improve the wedding grade wedding,after the wedding decor aslo can dress up the house, let happy moments continue.The use of this pair of peony on both sides of the wedding is also a very good choic.
Safety & Health :Made of senior PU and polymer production, no peculiar smell,feel is real,natural transition and colors is rich and vivid,In line with international safety testing standards, non-aging.