About Products:

➜Colour:8 Colour

➜Style: Matte Finish

➜Unit Count: 1 Piece

➜Weight: 0.05 lb/ 21 g


1. Use a lip balm as based.

2. Use lip makeup remover to remove all make up.

About AL’IVER:

AL’IVER is a Beauty supplier from Shenzhen, China.

With our own brand of style leveling and design capability,

We will be responsible for the products’ acceptable treatment.

But effect varied depending on different person’s skin acceptance,

We guaranteed full-refund on that for the best consumer experiences.

Sincerely hope to provide an wonderful feeling for you at AL’IVER Beauty!

?Mede of solf, smooth and comfortable formula. Intense color and soft matte texture.
?To make sure your lip color lasts longer, recommend using a lipstick sealer to protect it.
?Please removes gently with Eye& Lip Makeup Remover.
?Because of different display resolution, there will be a certain color which can not be avoided, please see the color map carefully.