Our Douglas Fir Pre Lit Christmas Tree comes with 1100 clear lights that use 3.74 Amps of power. The Tree has 1760 two toned PVC branches with both medium and dark green natural looking rounded tips. The green poly vinyl branches are two ply for extra strength and the thickness is .12 X .12 mm. This artificial prelit trees has medium green poly vinyl tips that are rounded for a natural tree look. The medium green round tip needles on the Tree reflects a warm natural wilderness appearance. This prelit Christmas tree comes with a heavy duty metal tree stand. It is fire resistant and allergy resistant. What You Need To Know When buying an Artificial Christmas Tree: Purchasing a new Christmas tree should not be a spur of the moment decision, keep in mind your new tree should last about 15 years. When you invest in an tree it is wise to purchase a premium quality tree. In the long run the quality and appearance of your tree will out weigh any additional cost or savings. Make sure you store your tree in a storage bag to avoid dust, insect residue and other harmful elements during the summer months. Do not to store your tree in it’s original shipping box. Using a storage bag you will avoid having to totally reshape your tree next season. A common mistake is to go out with the intention of buying the tallest, widest Artificial Christmas Tree you can find, only to get home and find it doesn’t fit. The most important thing to consider is, where are you going to display your tree. Most home ceilings are 8 feet tall. A 7.5 foot Artificial Christmas Tree will allow you to put a tree topper on the top of Tree. If you have vaulted or custom ceilings you may want to consider a taller tree. It is a good idea to measure from floor to ceiling to find the best placement for your tree. You also need to consider the amount of floor space available in the spot where you want the tree to sit. Measure from the wall out into the room to determine how wide a tree you can purchase.7.5 ft Douglas Fir Full Discount Pre Lit Christmas Trees
1100 Clear Lights that use 3.74 Amps of Power
1760 Branch Tips and has a 68 Inch Base
Two toned PVC branches
Heavy Duty Metal Tree Stand Included