Round 7 inches disposable bagasse plates, extra heavyweight and stronger materials compare to most other similar bagasse product on amazon. Microwave safe, could be used on both hot and cold solid food or liquid, and oil resistant. Made with natural by-product from sugarcane fiber (bagasse). No artificial coating. Petroleum, wax. And bleach free. 100% compostable materials. MADE WITH BAGASSE, A NATURAL BY-PRODUCT THAT WOULD HAVE JUST GONE TO WASTE; Our product recycles the pre-consumer by-products left during the production of sugar from sugarcane, the natural fibers are stronger yet durable and leaves no carbon footprint on our environment as it otherwise would be discarded and wasted. Unlike paper plates, plastic or even bamboo plates, these disposable dinner plates are made with 100% natural non-toxic byproduct materials, completely tree and plastic free.
⃝ STURDY, STRONG AND DURABLE; This product provides a sturdy guilt-free convenient wholesale disposable solution in a natural kraft color. Perfect for Lunch, Dinner or Appetizers.
⃝ UNBLEACHED, MICROWAVABLE, HOT AND COLD, SOLID AND LIQUID FOOD SAFE; Oil resistant, and contains no artificial coating, petroleum, wax, chlorine or bleach.
⃝ ECO-FRIENDLY AND COMPOSTABLE; Make a statement with your guests on your environmental consciousness, this bagasse product can be decomposed within a matter of months in a certified facility, leaving no footprints behind.
 BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS INSTITUTE (BPI) CERTIFIED COMPANY; Our products are certified by the Bio-Degradable Products Institute and are insured each for up to 5 million USD product liability insurance.