Package Contents:
• 12 pieces Artificial Wisteria Vines. Size of each vine: about 3.6 Feet in total length.
• 1 Leaf vine, 7 ft long
• 1 Pack of zip ties (about 18 pieces)

•Step 1: Our artificial wisteria vines stem is made of wire, so it’s easy to bend at nodes and then they are ready to hang.
•Step 2: (Optional) Secure the vine with the included zip ties
•Step 3: Use the included leaf vine to hide the bent stems or zip ties for a complete and realistic look and finish.

Decoration Ideas:
These beautiful, vibrant wisteria vines not only add some color and nature to your life, but also symbolize love and good luck.
So it’s definitely the best choice for decorating any occasion and location.

•Place them indoors to make a space more vibrant and down to earth.
•Use them for decoration outside so that natural sunlight makes them look more vibrant and gentle breezes make the flowers sway.
• Make the romantic wedding of your dreams come true and surround yourself with beautiful flowers without the cost of real flowers.
Hang them from your wedding arch so that you are surrounded by beauty as your take your vows.

• Actual color of the flowers may vary from the pictures due to lighting. We try our best to match the actual color of the flower
with the pictures, but please use the pictures only as a loose reference.
• Actual length of the wisteria vines and leaf vine may vary by ±3 cm.
• The vines are bent to pack for shipping so some flowers may be smooshed a little. You can easily fluff the flowers back up
and separate the vines to look more natural.
• Due to packing and transportation, a few flowers may become loose or fall off. You can easily push the flowers back onto the stems.
• Each pack comes with 12 wisteria vines. To make it look as full as the pictures, you would need many packs.❤ A COMPLETE DECORATION SET—Besides 12 pieces wisteria vine, Each pack also includes a 7 FEET LEAF VINE and a PACK OF ZIP TIES (about 18 pieces) to help secure the Wisteria Vines and complete your decoration needs.
❤ BEAUTIFUL and DURABLE —The wisteria flowers are soft, vibrant, life-like and beautiful. Sunlight shines through the leaves showing off their detailed texture. The flowers are made of pure silk so they are super durable. The flowers will always be full and blooming. The leaves will always be green and lively.
❤ SIMPLE INSTALLATION—Easy to set up and take down. Just bend the stem and hang them up. Use the included zip ties for a sturdier, longer lasting installation.
❤ BEST PHOTO TOOL—Recording any big moments using these beautiful, natural looking flowers and feel like royalty being surrounded by a million flowers.
❤ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED— We are committed to your satisfaction. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our product we’ll send you out a replacement or a prompt full refund. No questions asked!