Compliment your home or special event with this package of 100 attractive real-looking red silk carnations by Royal Imports. These artificial high quality carnations are conveniently packed in a sturdy cardboard box which will prevent the beautiful petals from crushing. These high-end roses have large 3.5″ heads along with long 5 inch stems which the makes the total height approximately 7 inches. Carnations are more than just fillers. They can be used to accent a floral arrangement, wedding décor, boutonnieres and corsages, and cemetery/funeral décor etc.

Royal Imports brings the highest quality floral supplies to the wedding and event industry. Each pack of 100 carnations is crafted to perfection thus creating a beautiful, flawless accent.

Popular with:

• event planners
• florists
• cemetery décor
• restaurants
• home decorators

Overall Dimensions

• Height: 7″
• Width: 3.5″.

Color: YellowQUALITY: Royal Imports silk carnations are crafted of highest quality coated silk material. They are non- toxic and will not fade from the sun. It appears extremely realistic thus making it a great flower for your wedding, party, funeral etc.
BEST SELLER: Single stem carnations are very popular in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. It will help to create a beautiful arrangement for a wedding ceremony, engagement party, or any event when placing these carnations on the table or in a vase.
TRENDS: These individual stemmed carnations are commonly used as lapel boutonnieres or wrist corsages as well as in bud vases at weddings, cemetery arrnagements, or to accent any gift package.
PACKAGING: These Royal Imports artificial carnations are packaged per 100 (same color) in a sturdy cardboard box so the carnation petals won’t get crushed.
DIMENSIONS: Each carnation measures 7 inches long and has a rather large sized 3 inch head. The flower picks itself measures 5 inches.